Hello and Welcome to Medullanimus Counselling and Therapy.

I’m glad that our paths have crossed and I want to thank you for making that happen.

You may be here because things are not going as well as you would like them to. If that’s the case then just know that that's what can happen, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

It’s quite common to think that Counselling and Therapy is about finding a therapist who knows how to make things better for you. If that were the case all you would have to do is just send a friend to get you some counselling and therapy for you. However, there are some things we have to do for ourselves, like getting a haircut for instance. Counselling and Therapy is one of those things.

Counselling and Therapy lets you take a step back, observe what is going on in your life and take an objective view so that you can bounce your feelings off someone who will listen and give you the space that you need to find your way through your struggle that you know deep down is the best for you, and to do it without feeling judged in any way.

You won’t have to give me any more information than you want and neither will you have to go any faster than you want.

Finding Counselling and Therapy that fits comfortably with you can be a tiresome job so take a look around my website and just notice how you feel. If you want to know more by the time you reach the ‘Contact Me’ page then drop me a line or give me a call and let's chat about it.

You might also want to click on the 'Word of the Week' tab in the menu and see how you like that. Even if you find another therapist that you would like to work with you can still take part in this project and I would still appreciate any feedback you might have.

When you are ready to move on just click the ‘My Mission’ tab in the menu above.