During my professional life I was assessing business management systems and I encountered a broad range of personalities in the many people I met as part of my investigations. However, if I was to find the information I needed to complete my assessments then I needed to develop strategies to deal with variety of personalities.

This fired my interest in human nature and I even found people telling me of their difficulties, As willing as I was to listen, I felt inadequate to do more, so I decided to learn more. This led to a deeper interest in how we each respond differently to difficulties in events that life throws at us.

My formal training in psychotherapy began with basic training courses on counselling skills that were offered by the Bridge Pastoral Foundation. I went on to serve on the National Council of that training Institution.

Still wanting to learn more I continued my studies and in 2009 I graduated with a Masters degree in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Since qualifying as a psychotherapist, my interest continues to grow, not only in working with difficulties experienced by others but into understanding my own inner world. This personal journey continues and is helpful in being supportive to others who find difficulty in dealing with some of life’s challenges.

Trevor Skeates MA(Psych); MBACP (Reg: 085575)