I use an eclectic style of working with elements from different theoretical models in the psychotherapy arena that will best fit the therapeutic relationship that is developing between whoever I am with at any given time, and the situations that they present.

This is important in adopting an integrative approach to therapy, by which I mean taking into account our whole being and integrating our mind, body and spirit.

If only one of these elements is out of kilter then we experience pain in one form or another.

Pain is a symptom of a wound’s way of expressing itself but if we give the wound the attention it needs to heal itself, then healing removes the need for pain. We learn to accept this process for physical pain, but we each have within us an inner spiritual strength that we can utilise when a psychological wound expresses itself in emotional pain.

It’s really hard to imagine that some of the painful events of even decades ago can still affect us in the present moment. So it is easy to underestimate how negative perceptions in adult life can relate to difficult events in our earlier life, the impact of which was too difficult to process at that time. By not giving attention to the impact of past events maintains our vulnerability to its on-going power and can be detrimental to our mental health. But our inner strength that will have grown with time will now be stronger and more capable to deal with the impact of those previous events.

Many of our emotional wounds lie beneath the surface of the conscious mind and so outside of our awareness. It may have been our defence system protecting us from unwanted memories when our emotional development was not mature enough to process them. As our emotional capacity developed we became more able to process those events, even those outside of our conscious memory. Although we may not be aware in our daily life of some past events their impact remains an influence in our behaviour, the way we respond, and the way we see the world.

It is possible however to access unprocessed experiences using only our own inner resources, and to process them by expanding our consciousness.

Using nothing more than our own inner resources, to expand our state of consciousness, can help to process and resolve emotional wounds that have been outside of our everyday awareness. As well as in my training, this has been a part of my own personal journey, enabling me to offer therapy at a deeper level, and for me to stay with you on your inner journey at the level you need to be to fully experience it.

In all my work I take a collaborative approach, with my role being that of a supportive, non-judgemental companion on your journey of self-discovery. That journey will invariably include some positive events from the past, which you can use to nurture and boost the healing process.

Sessions are normally 60 minutes but that too has flexibility to meet your unique requirements. Our first meeting will be an opportunity to explore any doubts and questions you may have and for us to work together for a way forward that suits us both. Although we would work together on this it will be you who decides how that journey will proceed.

Day and evening appointments up to 8.00pm are available.

Whatever your decision, any time we spend together will be spent focusing on locating and nurturing your unique inner resources, and to do that in a comfortable, relaxed and confidential setting.