VALUE of the Week # 34


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We use values as a compass to guide us through life and to strengthen our character, but they can slip below our radar when negotiating the demands of a busy life, and the expectations of others, can deflect our attention. Much of our time can then be spent fighting off the crocodiles while forgetting that the objective was to clear the swamp.

“Value of the Week” is the working title of a project that I started in Week #35 of 2018 and will run for a whole year, ending at Week #34 of 2019. Each week there is a different value posted on this page, with the opportunity to reflect on that value that you may intrinsically hold dear, or you may not even have considered before to be of significant value to you. You may however, decide to do your own research and take the opportunity to discuss it with friends and colleagues. 

You can also check out the link to the values of previous weeks. If there is a particular value listed in this project that interests you then I would love to hear what it means for you, and maybe any event or encounter that  you can recall that will enhance your experience of it. In fact, if you have any questions about the project I would love to hear from you. Just email me at