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We use values to guide us through life and strengthen our integrity, but they can slip below our radar when negotiating the demands of living and the expectations of others deflect our attention. Our time is then spent fighting off the crocodiles and forgetting that the objective was to clear the swamp.

“Word of the Week” is the working title of a project I started in Week #35 of 2018 and will run for a whole year. It provides people the opportunity to reflect on values that they intrinsically hold dear, even discuss them with friends and colleagues. Each week there will be a different value posted on the page, with the opportunity to create a unique ’value definition’based on how we each have personally experienced it.

Each unique definition may be influence by
When and where we first became aware of it,
Who we were with at the time,
How our understanding of it came about,
The circumstances around the last time we became aware of it,
Whether our strength of feeling towards it has changed over time and what influenced any changes,
What it is saying to us now,
Etc., etc. ....

This is an invitation to anyone who would like to add their unique definition to mine as I work through the 52 weeks of values to arrive at my own unique value statement. Because the definitions I come up with will be influenced by my own experience and may present a challenge to anyone with a completely different experience. Those differences are what I will find interesting and helpful to the development and growth of my own, so I welcome all. My project is going ahead whatever but the greater the variety of viewpoints the greater the fun of learning.

If this project interests you and you would like to tell me about your definition and the story behind it then please email me at, with the Week numberin the subject. If you have any questions then please use the same email address. I would love to hear from you.